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2020 is a very special year. The coronavirus (covid-19) is spreading all over the world. The global economy is declining, and many world-famous brands such as rolex, hublot, etc. have closed some factories! Many replica watch manufacturers have also shut down the production of replica watches. In the past, you can find many replica watches websites on the Internet, but now most of the websites have also chosen to close.

Reasons for closing most replica watches website:
1: Most of them are not agents of replica watches factories. They just set up a website. If there are customers buying, they will order from other websites and send them out! So when the production quantity of repliac watches factory decreases, they have no way to get the product!
2: Reasons for transportation: They do not have long-term transportation agents. Because of covid-19, flights are reduced and transportation becomes very inefficient. So shipping replica watches becomes very difficult.
3: They do not have a high-quality customer service team and good after-sales service, and many customer complaints have caused their reviews on Google or other community websites to be very bad, and many customers have been lost!

Characteristics of low-quality websites
1: There are many types of replica watches they sell, and they will be available in any brand, but usually after purchase, you will find that there is a big difference between what you receive and the picture. (Because no one can represent all replica watch factory products)
2: The price is very low (in fact, these are low-quality fake watches, the production cost may be only 10 usd, they are only toys). Or the price is very high, these come from 1:1 made, because they are not agents, so they can only order from other websites, so the price will definitely be higher!
3: Does not provide any after-sales service, such as your watch is broken, they will let you buy a new one!

Characteristics of Best Replica Watches Website
1: There are not many types of replica watches, usually they may only be sold by a few brands, and all the product pictures are real shots. There will be very professional instructions and factory instructions, the price is usually relatively high (you have to believe that the production cost of good 1:1 replica watches is not low) such as this website: their rolex and richard mille are very good.

Here is their purchase link, their main products: Rolex, Richard Mille, Patek Philippe Best Replica Watches

2: There is a great customer service team and after-sales service. Before you buy, they provide purchase suggestions, watch video evaluation, and provide the time for the factory to assemble the watch. If the watch is broken, they will be responsible for repair or replacement. (There will be your own repair address, you can send the watch back to them)
3: Because of covid-19 They also have great transportation capabilities. Although the transportation will be slower than before, they usually arrive at your address within 20 days. Because they have good transportation partners. hope this information can help collectors of replica watches!

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