IWC Pilots Watch has a profound influence on the design of contemporary pilot watches. Its subsequent models continue to compose the success history of this legendary watch. The diameter of the IWC is 46 mm, and it feels full on the wrist. It is in line with the current large-diameter trend. The wide dial also brings excellent legibility to the watch, making the time clear. The case contains The soft iron inner shell can ensure that the movement is not affected by the magnetic field effect. Players who like large dial watches especially like this IWC Pilots Watch. The 46mm large watch head is very sensational. The mirror surface of the double-sided anti-reflective convex sapphire glass has always been the most used mirror surface of IWC watches. High hardness and good light transmission, it is not difficult to see why IWC has always loved it.

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Replica IWC Pilot Black Watch is a simple and classic black dial with white delicate Arabic numerals. It shows the remaining power in a simple 1 to 7 days. It is clear and easy to understand. The curved sword-shaped hands and the black round dial match each other, showing a natural and elegant temperament.

The numbers on its 1:1 repliac watch dial should be emphasized. The size and scale of the numbers are basically the same, which greatly improves the degree of reduction. Pointer: From many pictures, you can see the delicateness of the pointer, regardless of length, Still polishing is in place. After using a magnifying glass, the thickness and glossy fonts of the LOGO part have reached the level of interchangeability with the authentic ones. The 12-point triangle scale has a strong three-dimensional feel like the genuine one, and looks very full and three-dimensional. Here you can also see the small details of the center axis of the pointer. The "IWC" logo is very detailed and looks very full.

There is a dynamic reserve display at 3 o'clock that can accurately indicate the time remaining before the movement stops. The official website of the power display says that it is 7 days. After reading a lot of comments, the real IWC Pilot Black Watch is actually about four or five. The Replica produced by the ZF factory The IWC Pilot Black Watch version is about 3 days.

The entire case of Replica IWC Pilot Black Watch is brushed, which provides a scratch-resistant effect and feels good to the touch. The advantage of the brushing process is that it is convenient for later refurbishment. Only a simple brushed eraser is needed, and along the brushed line, gently wipe a few times, and the traced case will be brand new.


The IWC logo on crow is also very clear. The above font is laser engraved, while using a unique pleated design, made of stainless steel, and a wide crown design, the winding feel is invincible. The crown of this watch is designed with a lock handle and has a good waterproof performance. The onion-style handle is very convenient for unlocking and tightening the crown as well as adjusting the time and calendar. Replica IWC Pilot Black Watch has an aluminum anti-magnetic outer ring, which can effectively isolate the magnetic force in life. The thickness of the back cover and the double-layer protection of the anti-magnetic ring can minimize the noise generated by the movement.

ZF factory's Replica IWC Pilot Black Watch version is more grainy, its matte part is very delicate, and the holes on the back are also in place. The fonts are consistent and the overall senses are up to standard. ZF adopts cal.51111 automatic mechanical movement, through the Pillerton pawl winding system and spring fixed rotor, so that the movement provides a large power reserve in the shortest time. This replica watch uses a leather strap with rivets on both sides of the strap. In addition, there is a loop of stitching around the strap rivets on the side of the buckle. IWC's LOGO is very good whether it is lettering or steel stamp. Replica IWC Pilot Black Watch has always been an outstanding work for pilot watches. Although the ZF factory version does not have a 7-day long kinetic energy, it can also reach 2-3 days of energy storage. It is already very good, and the kinetic energy display has practical functions. , Friends who like to wear large watches can still try it!


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