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Privacy policy

Our customers’ data is stored on secured servers. Access to your personal data happens according to the Hungarian Data Protection Act, and they will not be disclosed to any third party.  SKYWARD Tunnel Kft. guarantees the protection of your personal data, and only uses them for processing and tracking your reservation.

Data Handling

This data handling policy applies to the handling and processing of all personal information provided during registration with  SKYWARD Tunnel Kft. (as Data handler) and to the electronically sent newsletters (Newsletter Service). Data handler will guarantee to handle all data according to this data handling policy.

Data handler reserves the right to change this data handling policy by allowing access to the current policy at all times on its website at www.indoorskydiving budapest.com/content/privacy.

A User is a person, who by giving his/her personal information will become eligable to make a purchase on the www.indoorskydivingbudapest.com website and subscribed for the Newsletter Service. You can subscribe for the Newsletter Service in person, by filling out the attached endorsement form. The Newsletter Service is a free of charge service provided by  SKYWARD Tunnel Kft., and its purpose is to inform its customers about current discounts and events.

After reading and understanding present Data Handling Policy and signing up for the Newsletter Service the User by providing his/her personal information voluntarily agrees to the use and processing of his/her personal information in accordance with this Data Handling Policy and the Right of Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information Act CXII. 2014. (Infotv.)

Information of Data Handler:

Data Handler:                  SKYWARD Tunnel Kft.

Location:                             1211 Budapest,Szérűraktár utca 53.

Registration Number:   13-10-041353

Data Handling Registration Number:      Registration in process


Principles, legal basis and objective of data handling

Data Handler will only use Customers data stated in this Data Handling Policy in the manner, for the time and purposes determined in this Data Handling Information.

In order to protect the security of the personal data given for the entire time of data processing, Data Handler shall use every technical and organizing means necessary (especially daily saving, remote saving, monitoring servers) to avoid unlawful access, changing, forwarding, publication, deleting or destroying and accidental damage or loss, furthermore to avoid becoming unaccessable as a result of change in the applied technology.

The legal basis for data handling and processing is that the User voluntarily and specifically agrees to it in a written endorsement declaration after having been informed in detail beforehand in accordance with the 2008. XLVIII. Act of Basic Conditions and Limitations of Business Advertising (GRT.) §.6. and Infotv. §.5. Section (1) point a.).

The purpose of data handling for the Newsletter Service of Data Handler is to inform the User of current discounts and events of SKYWARD Zrt.

Processed and handled data

The following personal data of the User –submitted by the User- is used and processed:

In the Newsletter process

-       User’s first and last name

-       User’s e-mail address

-       User’s gender

-       User’s date of birth

In the Registration process

-       User’s first and last name

-       User’s e-mail address

-       User’s gender

-       User’s date of birth

-       User’s phone number

-       User’s address

Disclosing personal information

Data Handler does not use any data processing during its Newsletter Service, but reserves the right to do so.

Data Handler does not disclose personal information provided for the Newsletter Service to any third party, but may be required to do so by the court of law, attorney’s office, investigation authorities, misdemeanor authorities, administrative authorities, by the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, furthermore other authorities may ask for information or data by court order. In this case, Data Handler will provide only the necessary information specified by the court order.

The time frame of data handling and processing

Data Handler has the right to handle and process User’s personal information submitted by the User from the time the User gives consent to it until the User unsubscribes from the service.

User can unsubscribe from our Newsletter service at any time by clicking the ’Unsubscribe’ link in the Newsletter and following the instructions.

By unsubscribing the User will retrieve his/her consent to handle and process his/her personal information, therefore the User will not receive further newsletters about current offers and discounts of  SKYWARD Tunnel Kft. as stated in Grt. §6.

Data Handler will cease handling User’s data and delete all personal information collected by our Newsletter Service as soon as the purpose of data handling ends or the User withdraws his/her consent to it.

Legal rights relating data handling

According to Info tv. §14. and §15. User may inquire information regarding the handling of his/her personal data from Data Handler, furthermore User may ask for corrections of his/her personal information and/or the deletion of his/her personal data at the following contacts:

-       info@skyward.hu

Upon request Data Handler will inform User about the personal data handled by the Newsletter Service, the purpose of data handling, the legal basis and  interval of it, and the legal basis and addressee of possibble data forwarding. Data Handler shall provide information to User as soon as possible but not exceeding 30 days from the time of inquiry. Data Handler shall inform User about related legal acts in case Data Handler is not eligible to give out such information to User. In this case Data Handler shall also inform User about his/her possible legal actions to take, and that he/she can seek help from The National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

Data Handler shall erase all personal data of User related to the Newsletter Service if the handling violates any laws, the purpose of data handling stops or the time frame of data handling specified by law reaches its limits, the court or The National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information has ordered it, or if the data is mishandled - and there is no legal remedy for it – provided it is not banned by law.

Possible Legal Remedies

In case Data Handler does not provide the information inquired by User within 30 days from the time of the inquiry of the information, or if the deletion, withhold or correction of personal data does not happen within 30 days, furthermore if Data Handler does not fulfill User’s inquiry for data correction, deletion or withhold and does not inform User of the reasons for the denial of it within 30 days in writing, then User is eligible to seek legal remedy.

In case User does not agree with the decision of Data Handler about the inquiry, he/she can challange it and apply to the court within 30 days of disclosure.

User may turn to The National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information with any complaints regarding Data Handler’s process of data handling.

The National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information

Location: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C.

Website: http://www.naih.hu

E-mail: ugyfelszolgalat@naih.hu

Information regarding reservations

When you make a reservation you have to submit you name, address, e-mail and naturally your phone number so we can contact you should any problems arise regarding your reservation. In case you placed your order through a courier service then that is the phone number we are going to contact to make arrangements regarding the delivery.

If you choose to use your credit card as an online payment method, then the details of your credit card will not be stored on the SKYWARD reservation site, but instead on the PayU storage server. It is important that the SKYWARD reservation system does not see this data, neither shall we receive it later.

 SKYWARD Tunnel Kft. makes statistics based on the reservations. These statistics do not include any information that makes our clients identifyable. As part of its operation SKYWARD cooperates with subcontractors that do different services for us. These services may include: marketing, fulfilling orders, delivery and mailing services, e-mail services and correction and analyzing of data. Our subcontractors will only receive the information necessary to do their job. They will not use these data for any other purposes and neither will they use it for commercial purposes and will use it according to the hungarian data protection laws.

Please, send your questions regarding data protection to info@skyward.hu .

In case of any changes are made to our privacy policy, we shall inform our customers immediately via our website.

I agree, that my personal data stored in the user database of  SKYWARD Tunnel Kft. (1211 Budapest,Szérűraktár utca 53.) be submitted to PayU Hungary Ltd. (1074 Budapest, Rákóczi út 70-72) as data handler. The submitted data are: username, first and last name, country, phone number and e-mail address. The purpose of submitting of data: helping customer service for our users, verifying transactions and fraud monitoring for the protection of our users.

Terms and conditions of purchase

In case of purchase, a purchase and sale contract is concluded between the Buyer and Skyward Tunnel Kft.

The Buyer may withdraw from the purchase or cancel the contract within 14 day if the service is not used. In this case, the Seller will account for 50% of the purchase price as a handling fee and return the remaining 50% to the Buyer.

After 14 days the Buyer cannot cancel the contract!

The purchased service is freely transferable!

The price of the service does not include the price of the video recordings. It is a gift provided for the guests and made by Skyward Tunnel Kft.

The expiration date of the purchased voucher may be extended only once. After this expires, the service can only be used for a surcharge.

Change of booking

The reserved time can be changed 48 hours prior to booking without extra charge. 24 hours before booking, it can only be changed for a 20% surcharge.  The date cannot be changed 12 hours before the booking!