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Are you ready to experience real freefall? Are you brave enough for it? You are in the right hands! You can not only fly with us in the wind tunnel, but making a Tandem skydive you can jump out of an airplane from 4000m (13500ft) with one of our tandem instructors. And watch out, cuz once you get a taste of it you might not be able to let go of the feeling and you get stuck here for life!  ;)


Our Tandem Instructors have over 20 years of incident free skydiving experience, they have brought home several medals from many international competitions. Who are they?

Tamás Sztojcsev 


Tandem jumps with us really happen from 4000 meters (13500 feet), either with handycam or outside camera recording your skydive. There is only one thing for you to do: Call us and reserve your appointment!

Our prices: 

Tandemjumps with cam and photos

Tandemjump from helicopter with double cam and photos 

240 € vagy 79.800,- HUF

Tandemjump from helicopter with handyam

190 € vagy 61.500,- HUF